Doctors leave sponge inside patient, booked

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Doctors leave sponge inside patient, booked KANPUR: Two doctors of a private hospital in Raipurwa area were booked on Sunday for causing injury and endangering the life of a woman after they allegedly left a sponge inside her stomach during her caesarean operation last year.

The woman, identified as Shalini, was admitted to a private hospital in Raipurwa area of the city in August 2017 after having labour pain. She underwent a caesarean operation, which was conducted by a team of two doctors and other paramedical staff. It was later revealed that the doctors had left a sponge, which was used in the operation, inside the woman’s stomach. Soon after the operation, Shalini started feeling acute pain in her stomach.

The family alleged that the doctors were informed about the pain but even after examining her multiple times, they couldn’t diagnose the cause of pain. When the pain continued, the woman underwent another ultrasound test in which a sponge was spotted inside her stomach. Shalini was operated upon again at another private hospital in Arya Nagar recently, where doctors removed the sponge.

The woman’s husband, Deepak Bajpayei, said that her wife’s life was at a great risk due to the negligence of the doctors who performed the surgery. “My wife could not bear the pain and her health started deteriorating as she had stopped taking food and water during the time the sponge was inside her stomach. When we tried to approach the doctors, they never gave us a satisfactory reply,” he said in the complaint. He also accused the doctors of threatening the family if they highlighted the issue.

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