Davutoglu, Merkel visit refugees in SE province

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But Tusk warned critics that whatever the downsides, the alternative to the deal was worse, because a failure to address the migrant crisis “could lead to a temptation to blackmail Europe”. The leaders then visited containers where refugees stay.

The center has been built to support refugee children, youth and families for health, translation services.

“The leaders will also participate in an inauguration ceremony of EU-Turkey assistance projects”, a European Council statement read, adding the visit would offer an opportunity to assess the situation of refugees in Turkey.

The European Commission says the number of migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey has slowed dramatically from more than 50,000 in February to around 7,000 over the past 30 days. The EU is also set to allow visa-free travel to Turkish citizens.

‘The security of the European Union can not be in the hands of a power outside the EU.’ Under the month-old accord, migrants who travel to the Greek islands and whose asylum claims are rejected are being returned to Turkey in return for billions in EU aid. But recently boats have started arriving in Greece with about 150 people per day, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Merkel’s visit to the Nizip camp – a sprawling complex where migrants are housed in tents and metal containers, about 30 miles east of the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep – is meant to counter opponents of the deal, which has been criticized by human rights groups.

Timmermans underlined on Saturday that Turkey has complied with the terms of the agreement.

“Despite the fact that we have been voicing this opinion constantly, the Security Council of the United Nations and the global community did not take the necessary steps and the result of that is actually a significant burden and suffering on the Syrian people and on the Turkish people as well”.

Officials there said those arrested “wanted to attack dignitaries of the state and strategic targets”. Only 77 million euros has been transferred to Turkey so far.

The New York-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch has urged the European Union leaders to understand the whole refugee picture at the Turkish border.

Turkish border guards have reportedly shot at Syrian refugees trying to cross the border. That issue could now could go unfulfilled, at least by a June deadline. The next progress report assessing the situation will be presented on 4 May.

Davutoglu said that there was a direct link between the readmission agreement and visa liberalization for Turkish citizens.

The German leader is also facing pressure to speak out against freedom of speech restrictions in Turkey. One of the refugees said: “May Allah give strength to President Erdogan”. I am telling you.

Angela Merkel traveled to Turkey yesterday for a high-stakes visit which will require her to walk a diplomatic tightrope between keeping Ankara sweet over a crucial migrant deal and taking a stand on European values.


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