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Clooney says money sloshing around United States politics ‘obscene’


On Friday night in San Francisco, George and Amal Clooney hosted a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that required attendees to shell out major cash to get in the door.

If the right justice is confirmed for the spot now open on the court, Clooney said, political campaigns could “get this obscene, ridiculous amount of money out so I never have to do a fundraiser again“.

Ms Clinton’s campaign had defended the fundraisers on Friday by knocking Mr Sanders for not raising money for Democrats, something Mr Sanders has just recently started doing, not near the level Ms Clinton has.

“If you can’t afford to attend tonight’s event with Secretary Clinton, we invite you to join Bernie’s fundraiser for the low price of turning on your television”, Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, said of the ad. Clooney said he agreed. “He is right. One of the great tragedies of American life today is the degree to which big money is buying elections, in which elected officials become responsive to the needs of Wall Street and wealthy campaign contributors, rather than the needs of ordinary people”. The money raised went to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint committee for the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state parties. Others reportedly paid upward of $100,000 to snap a selfie with Clinton and Clooney at the event, which took place at the home of venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar.

“Even minimum-wage workers making $15 an hour would not even hit that”, said Francis Fisher, a Sanders supporter. Do we have a government that represents all of us or represents the 1%?’

Single tickets for the event – the second consecutive fundraiser that Mr Clooney held at the weekend – were sold for $33,400.

‘Well, I think he is, ‘ the senator responded. Both candidates are expected to be in NY on Sunday to campaign ahead of the state’s April 19 primary.

Clooney was seen talking to some of the protesters in San Francisco.

In cases like this, where large amounts are collected from individual donors and tickets cost over $30,000, Clinton’s direct share is going to be small, as Clooney said.

Sanders, who just returned from a brief trip to the Vatican where he briefly met Pope Francis, denied any suggestion that the Pope was embracing his politics. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is set to host a rally at Penn State this week.

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