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Clinton Says She Will Not Respond to Trump Insults


“Since I’m the only one who consistently beats Hillary in every single poll, and they lose in virtually every single poll, I think we’ll have a good future here at the convention”, Kasich said.

This is because Pennsylvania has a wonky Republican primary procedure.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Cruz predicted a contested convention is inevitable, telling a Philadelphia radio station nobody is getting 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination before then. It’s those rules that have Donald Trump, Sen.

That day, 118 bound delegates will be at stake, in addition to 54 unbound delegates from Pennsylvania.

The real estate tycoon is the sole remaining Republican White House hopeful with a reasonable chance of winning 1,237 convention delegates – the barest possible majority – before the event convenes in Cleveland, Ohio.

Different campaigns run the delegate math differently, presenting different strategies for winning – or keeping someone else from winning, as is the case in the Republican primary.

Vice President Joe Biden cast his vote in the Delaware Democratic primary Friday but stayed quiet on which candidate he voted for as his party’s nominee.

Eleven more delegates and alternate delegates are chosen later this spring, at the Maryland GOP spring convention in May. They have a right to vote for that agenda.

Voters in Pennsylvania will directly elect those 54 delegates to the national convention Tuesday, but unlike most states, they will have no idea which candidate a delegate will support since the voter will only see a list of delegate names to choose from on their ballot. Trump won among men and women, college grads and blue collar workers, but it was Kasich who led Trump in Manhattan most of the night, CBS2’s Janelle Burrell reported.

“You may have heard there was an election yesterday, and as the media are breathlessly reporting, Donald Trump won his home state”, Cruz said sarcastically, addressing supporters in Hershey. Carson, who has ended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, told Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto that maybe Tubman, a Civil War-era abolitionist, should go on the $2 bill.

It would be the first contested convention in the party since 1976. “The people won’t stand for it”, Trump said. Vote to take on the establishment.

The Maine Republican Party made the results of the presidential caucuses binding with 12 for Texas Sen. Trump grabbed 89 delegates in NY, bringing him to a total delegate count of 845. Ted Cruz’s arrival. They were also doing math.

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