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Clinton on racial joke: It was de Blasio’s skit


Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are under fire after making a joke at a fundraising dinner that played off a negative stereotype of black Americans.

“Clinton then delivered the punchline, responding that Bill de Blasio was referring to “cautious politician time”.

After Odom, Jr. feigned offense Hillary chimed in, “Cautious politician time”. The term “C.P. time” refers to the racially insensitive term “colored people’s time“, which has perpetuated the stereotype that African-Americans are lazy, unreliable and often late to appointments.

On Monday, the NY mayor was on CNN’sErin Burnett OutFront” and defended the comment. “Every actor thought it was a joke on a different convention. So I think people are missing the point here”.

But the joke was dropped only a few days after Bill Clinton had exploded in front of Black Lives Matter protesters, who accused him of hurting African-American communities with policies during his regime. If Ted Cruz or any other Republican politician had uttered C.P. Time these same outlets would be calling for resignation, if not jail.

I’ll let you watch the rest of this painful act, but around 7:55 – Hillary appears on stage with Odum and De Blasio.

It’s an annual tradition for the mayor of NY to perform at the Inner Circle Show. Clinton poked fun at de Blasio for his endorsement coming a little late in the game for Clinton’s taste.

Rather than owning up to the fact that his joke about colored people’s time was racist and unfunny, though, de Blasio’s leaning in and insisting that people just didn’t get it.

“Well, look, it was Mayor de Blasio’s skit”, she was quoted as saying. “Took you long enough”, Clinton said. NY magazine called it “amazingly unfunny” and “terribly executed”, while some Bernie Sanders supporters have called it downright racist.

Federal investigators are interested in whether major donors to the Campaign for One New York-including real-estate developers and unions-received special treatment from Blasio’s administration, the people said.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is fighting its second PR crisis in less than a week.

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