Cheating case probe reveals sex determination racket in Bangkok

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Chennai: When police summoned a city businessman arrested on charges of sexually assaulting and cheating a Thai woman for questioning, he produced documents showing he had visited an IVF clinic in Bangkok in a bid to suggest that he could not have fathered her children, said investigating officers.

Police were initially puzzled on seeing the doctor’s report which showed that Manoj Jain had undergone treatment at the clinic for the birth of his third child, a boy, after two twin daughters. The other arrested businessman Vikas Kothari also said he was treated at the clinic. However, on subsequent questioning, Jain said he visited the clinic since it carries out sex determination tests to ensure a male child, said an investigating officer.

During a trip to Bangkok, Jain, who runs a wholesale toy business, met the woman at a pub and developed a relationship, said the officer. The woman had initially submitted a cheating complaint to the Indian Embassy in Thailand which conducted preliminary investigations. Embassy officials subsequently forwarded the woman’s complaint to the Chennai city police commissioner’s office through the Prime Minister’s office in Delhi.

The woman appeared before investigation officers and gave a statement to them along with evidence including WhatsApp messages sent and received from Jain. When police questioned Jain and Kothari, they claimed that the woman was trying to extort money from them. However, the woman clarified that she needed money to bring up Jain’s children in Bangkok. She also agreed to undergo DNA tests to confirm the paternity of her two children.

On Friday, the woman was produced before a magistrate in Allikulam court where she gave a statement which was recorded behind closed doors, under Section 164 of the Indian Evidences Act, in the presence of just the magistrate and a typist, while the court hall was closed briefly.

Police plan to get DNA samples from Jain who is now behind bars in Puzhal prison with Kothari. After getting permission from the court, the investigation officers will take the woman, her two children and Jain to the government general hospital (GGH) where they will collect blood samples from them to verify their DNA. “We have a forensic facility in Chennai and DNA tests can be analysed in the laboratory here itself,” said a police officer.

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