CEO’s Agenda In 2018 Is To Drive Growth Through Stakeholder Experience

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Brands are struggling to deliver world-class experiences. CEOs are shifting their focus to enable dramatic improvements within their organizations. Actionable insights from these contextual conversations have enabled dramatic improvements in stakeholder experience via, increase in satisfaction scores, levels of engagement, ROI on campaigns, revenue opportunities, amongst achieving other business goals.

Brands across the banking, retail, consumer durables, automotive, financial services and other industries who have used LitmusWorld’s platform have achieved over 10% improvements in CX scores within the first 3 months of initiating a touchpoint-level conversation with their customers. This has given program visibility across functions and this empowers the entire organisation to start working towards last-mile delivery of a superior experience. 70% of Indian users only use the mobile device to access the internet, they are constantly connected and are willing to express their emotions on a continuous basis. The opportunity for brands lies in the ability to initiate a contextual conversation with their digitally advanced stakeholders.

Industry leaders like, Reliance Digital, Tata Sky, Croma, Inox, Raymond, Kotak Bank, Reliance Brands and Apollo Munich Health Insurance amongst 100 other brands have initiated conversations to capture emotions across the stakeholder journey by leveraging the LitmusWorld platform. “Retail is all about taking new leaps of faith. Being iterative, constantly looking at new things that are out there and placing enough new bets, LitmusWorld is one great bet that we placed and its played of very well,” said Darshan Mehta, CEO, Reliance Brands.

Over 30 million conversations have delivered actionable insights not just in real-time, but also in a simple manner to manage data in large volumes. Initiating conversations across stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors and communities have become an integral component of the CEOs agenda to drive business growth. On an average, over 8% of the customers and over 90% of the employees across industries respond to these conversations and that’s the voice most businesses are missing in their boardrooms today. “Contextual conversations, in workplaces, have the potential to transform the entire ecosystem and hence, can be a powerful mechanism for growth and development. In the hands of the right people and with the appropriate technology, contextual conversations have evolved into being the future of marketing,” said Ajay Row, Founder, LitmusWorld.

The real-time management dashboard backed by LitmusWorld Pulse, a robust mobile-app dashboard, empowers brands to capture insights through text analytics, respond to stakeholders, and address issues with minimum delay. The platform displays a unified overview of all the incoming stakeholder feeds, and tools to analyze it. Simplicity in the platform setup allows you to be agile, Simplicity of the conversation UI/UX make stakeholders respond, Simplicity in dashboard usage makes information accessible and helps maximize enterprise usage of the platform.

2017 has been a transformational year for brands that are constantly working towards dramatically improving stakeholder experiences. Over 87% of the customer feeds have been positive and that’s a clear testament of their intent to make businesses grow. Business leaders need to resolve issues in 2 hours and not 2 days because expectations have increased and the consumers cannot feel that ‘out of sight is out of mind’ which eventually leads to bad publicity. By reaching the consumer at the moment of experience, we capture the emotion while it’s still fresh, resulting in a conversation that is more authentic, more detailed and most importantly, actionable. “Whether it is Net Promoter Score or the LitmusWorld scale, these are only metrics. True change happens when it becomes a continuous improvement journey across the life-cycle of your customers and employees,” said Ramesh Natarajan, Founder, LitmusWorld.

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