Caucus miscommunication means one more delegate for Bernie Sanders


“The Vermont senator began his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination past year with a sizable financial disadvantage compared to front-runner Hillary Clinton…But the Sanders campaign slowly and steadily eroded the former secretary of state’s fundraising advantage”.

Clinton’s tremendous victory shows how deeply voters are connecting with her, her experience, her visionary pragmatism and her message of love and breaking down barriers. She increased her delegate lead by 33, leaving Sanders requiring big wins in big states – a tall order given where the polls are.

A protracted race could only intensify Sanders supporters’ distaste for Clinton and in July she would have only a little over three months to heal the wounds, unify the base and woo Sanders supporters.

Yordy said the whole situation was “a low-drama” thing, but that it was important that procedures were followed for “voters to be involved in a known way”.

“Well you know what, if we buy that, shame on us”, she added. The memo, which claims Trump is the “prohibitive favourite”, projects he will accumulate over 1,400 delegates to secure the nomination.

I prefer Donald Trump because he will stop the influx of undocumented immigrants. Cruz remained at 559 delegates, while Kasich gained a few to reach 147. Last week, the Sanders campaign issued fundraising emails to support two of them: Nevada congressional candidate Lucy Flores and NY congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout.

Cruz and Kasich are now hoping for an open convention where Trump is not chosen on the first ballot and delegates are free to vote for them in the second round.

“Presidents have always been told by really smart people: ‘Don’t push something you can’t succeed in – it diminishes your power, ‘” he said. “The only condition in which I would leave the race is if it was clear there was no path to victory”, he said.

Donald Trump recently nicknamed Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary”.

We asked readers what they thought about the NY primary results. “You could actually take a couple of hundred million dollars and buy an election and never win a race because all you have to do is take them out to dinner and send them to Paris, France, for the evening”, Trump told Fox News.

So while it’s still not the easiest path for Trump, New York was a good start for him to right the ship. The veteran political operative, who previously worked for the RNC, is tasked with helping Trump play catch-up in the complicated state-by-state nomination process.

Some delegate hopefuls have chosen to run with the consent of the candidates they endorse.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at Stephen Decatur High School, Wednesday, April 20, 2016 in Berlin.

So Republicans must answer the “who can win” question with a careful evaluation of Cruz, Trump and their own responsibility as voters.


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