NASA Learning How to Operate Robots in Space Through PlayStation VR! [Pics, Details & News]

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Chief Executive Officer and President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House introduces the PS4 virtual reality ‘Project Morpheus’ during the Sony E3 press conference at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena on June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Sony press conference is held in conjunction with the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which focuses on gaming systems and interactive entertainment, featuring introductions to new products and technologies. (Photo : Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

NASA recently found a new way to better operate robots in space. The agency is currently learning how to control the humanoid-like robots using the Sony PlayStation VR.

Engadget revealed that for several years, NASA has been working to create a functional humanoid for space explorations. Dubbed Robonauts, the dexterous robots are made to assist or replace humans in space. According to the official website, robonauts can handle simple, repetitive and very dangerous tasks in space. The machine has been previously forwarded to the International Space Station while Robonaut 2 was successfully launched in 2011.

Road to VR reported that NASA collaborated with Sony to come up with a VR demo, known as Mighty Morphenaut. The demo was developed to create the same environment and issues that the NASA Robonaut 2 might experience while in space. Users can view the same things as the robot by using the VR headset and can operate the robot’s hands via the Move controllers. The approach has been easier for NASA but future operations are expected to have input delay due to the distance between the robot and its operator. There is a VR demo mode, however, that considers such delay. The mode lets users view their own ghost hands that will operate and move without delay, although the robot’s hands will move at a later time.

NASA experts also have to deal with other issues, like moving objects. In time, the team is expected to have huge improvements in the way they control the robots in space.

“[With Mighty Morphenaut] we were able to explore a possible solution, and I think our application worked well to demonstrate the problems of operating with delayed communication. However, even in our simulation, there are a still a number of problems to solve,” Garrett Johnson, a NASA software engineer, said in an IGN report.

In the meantime, NASA experts are still learning how to operate the robots more efficiently, as well as develop ways to reduce the lag as much as possible. With much practice, the scientists can interact with various objects on a space shuttle or even a distant planet. It will take time to improve the accuracy of the humanoid, but the PlayStation VR has proven to be quite effective at the moment. Perhaps NASA will find more ways to enhance Robonauts based on tests made with the gaming console.

More updates and details on the project are expected soon.

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‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' December Update: What's New & Everything You Need to Know Here! [Gameplay Details, Trailer & Photos]

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 15: Treyarch’s Game Designer Director, David Vonderhaar introduces ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 2’ during the Sony E3 press conference at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena on June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Sony press conference is held in conjunction with the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which focuses on gaming systems and interactive entertainment, featuring introductions to new products and technologies. (Photo : Christian Petersen/ Getty Images)

The “Black Ops 3” December update was recently released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The patch provided a variety of new weapons, gameplay adjustments and bug fixes.

Also known as “Update 4,” the new patch from Treyarch upgraded the “Black Ops 3” PS4 version to 1.04. GottaBeMobile reported that the update is rather large on PlayStation 4, at almost 3GB. The Xbox One update is over 1GB, while the PC update is only 680MB.

Gamers will notice that there are three new secondary weapons available in the secondary tab, namely, a Wrench, Brass Knuckles and a Butterfly Knife, GameSpot noted. These have to be unlocked from the Black Market using Cryptokeys. Players may now inspect animations and use flourish using any melee weapon. The December “Black Ops 3” update also provides a new option to swap duplicates that gamers may receive in a Supply Drop based on an Activision blog. In exchange, they can get new Cryptokeys. They can also view recent items acquired, as well as burn items for Cryptokeys. Gamers can now earn Cryptokeys faster. In certain Supply Drops, there are also bonus Cryptokeys. There are claims that gamers will more likely get Legendary and Epic gear from the Rare Supply Drop. “Call of Duty” points may be bought to be used for Supply Drops, which are said to begin on Dec. 15, 2015.

Furthermore, the December update also features new Specialist gear that can be unlocked in the Black Market. It will take longer to get Specialist weapons and powers in objective game modes. The Scythe also has a nerf, and it will take a while before players can earn the Scythe, regardless of the game mode they are on.

Other changes to expect in the new update include Quick Joining friends who are online. Contacts have to be playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” with the new patch installed too. There will also be split-screen changes. The graphics have been improved, although the black bars are still evident. More adjustments include the custom game settings, weapon changes, match counter and changes to the Prestige options and levels.

Based on the same IGN report, gamers may receive a prompt to install Patch 1.04, although some may already have the December update installed automatically depending on their settings. Players also have to install the update to play online. They cannot join multiplayer games if they do not install the update.

More updates and details on the “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” December update are expected soon.

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Here's How You Can Turn Your Phone Into a Lightsaber!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEBRUARY 24: Students practice moves with lightsabers during a Golden Gate Knights class in saber choreography on February 24, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Star Wars fans Alain Bloch and Matthew Carauddo founded the Golden Gate Knights in 2011 to teach classes on how to safely wield a lightsaber and perform choreographed moves. The three hour class costs ten dollars and all equipment is provided. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” is only a few days before launching and fans are doing everything to rein in their excitement. In the meantime, you can turn your phone into a lightsaber and eliminate enemy Stormtroopers.

Google recently came up with a game for lightsaber fanatics called “Lightsaber Escape.” The game is part of the Chrome Experiments website, founded on web-based technologies like HTML5 and offering various ways to interact and work with websites. Some of these let users manage the features that appear on their screen using their mobile product, Android Headlines revealed.

“Wield your lightsaber to escape the First Order in an immersive web experience built for your phone and computer, inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the game description read.

The game lets players use their smartphone to control the lightsaber shown on the screen to block and deflect laser beams fired by Stormtroopers, similar to the Jedi battles in the film franchise. The graphics are actually quite good, coupled with the signature lightsaber sounds.

Interested users can go to using their PC Chrome browser. They will find a web address to visit using their mobile device. The smartphone will be measured in a vertical position. Users have to activate the lightsaber using the phone button. The game will also have a short tutorial before it starts. Players will initially be located on a Star Destroyer, as they try to escape the First Order, Phone Arena wrote. There are different lightsaber-related tasks during the game, including melee combat.

The graphics quality and language may be adjusted in the settings located on the lower right portion of the main page in Chrome for PC. Users can also invite others to try the game. Other game settings are available, such as full screen mode and volume control. The Next Web stated that the game was created from a partnership between Disney and Lucasfilm. It is the most recent Chrome experiment that highly depends on a smartphone’s accelerometer to provide gamers with a fun browser-based experience. WebGL is used for 3D graphics, while WebRTC with WebSockets were used to communicate between the user’s phone and desktop.

The game appears to be a hit among “Star Wars” fans since the website was “over quota” at one point. Players may have to wait for the website to decongest before getting through. More updates and details on “Lightsaber Escape” are expected soon.

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'The Sims 4' For Xbox One, PS4 Out in 2016? [Release Date, Specs, Features & Rumors]

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The Sims 4 Get Together (Photo : BusinessWire)

EA Games is set to release “The Sims 4” in different formats, an indication that the game could very well be on the verge of hitting the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

The life simulation game debuted back in September 2014 for the PC while the Mac compatible version followed in February of this year. Carrying the same concept as its predecessor, “The Sims 3,” the latest installment did get its share of initial complaints with some features mysteriously absent.

Among them included the “Create A Style” feature which allowed users to visit their Sim/s while they were at work though all that have been somehow made up for with the release of DLCs.

Aside from addressing the missing features, the packs also brought in improved features such as an improved construction system and personalities for each character.

While the PC and the Mac versions seem to have been addressed, a bigger question right now is when the version for game consoles would be making its way in the market.

Had it followed the same route of its predecessor, “The Sims 4” should have been out by now. “The Sims 3” came out in the open back in 2009 for the PC and the game consoles were released a year after.

With 2015 nearing its end and no “Sims 4” in sight, the logical expectation could perhaps be to see the game come out by the first quarter of 2016 per Neurogadget. But do take note that EA Games has not yet confirmed if the next installment is indeed coming out by that time.

Checking on how EA Games goes about it, it takes normally two years for them to release the game console versions after the PC version is released.

It would have been grand to see the game come out this month but from the looks of it, the chances of that happening are close to nil.

While game console users are awaiting that, the PC and MAC versions have recently gotten a new expansion pack called “The Sims 4 Get Together” expansion pack.

The new pack was released last Dec. 8 as revealed via BusinessWire, something that will allow players to create and play with groups of Sims as they explore a whole new world, Windenburg.

Among the new features that the pack carried include how players can introduce their Sims to a variety of different Clubs using interests, personalities, and styles.

In the event that players are unable to find the perfect Club suited for their Sims, they can create and customize their own Clubs to play any way they like.

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iPad Air 3 Coming Without 3D Touch? [Release Date, Specs, Features & Rumors]

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CUPERTINO, CA – OCTOBER 16: A member of the media films the new iPad Air 2 (L) and iPad Mini 3 during an Apple special event on October 16, 2014 in Cupertino, California. Apple unveiled the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 tablets and the iMac with 5K Retina display. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Folks who were planning to get the iPad Air 3 in 2016 may have to lower their expectations a bit with word that the said Apple tablet could be coming out with one less feature, a major one at that.

Apple Insider hints that the 3D Touch feature could be one of the missing features for the next iPad Air variant which could be out by the Spring of 2016.

Speculation of such comes no less from reliable KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has so far been consistent with his calls on Apple devices.

This time, he seems to have good reason to say why. He singles out 3D Touch production issues as a possible cause for the feature to be left out. Having the special feature which was the highlight of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus could lead to problems in satisfying demand.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus suffered some bottlenecks from production of the 3D Touch feature and Kuo adds that supply chain capacity utilization is currently lower than peak level of 30% which could likely last until the first quarter of 2016.

To date, Apple has yet to comment or react to the claim so there is still some hope that this feature could be included – though the chances have diminished severely.

People who may be eager to see the iPad Air 3 may very well do so if the 9.7-inch tablet is included in the roster for an Apple event happening this March per IGN. The event is the same time when the Apple Watch 2 and the iPhone 6c are rumored to be coming out in the open.

However, what the iPad Air 3 could be lacking is something that the iPhone 7 could be coming with instead.

Despite forecasts that iPhone sales could see a sales decline in 2016, the iPhone 7 is believed to be coming with the 3D Touch feature.

Such could be because the iPhone 7 is not expected to come out in the open until September or the Fall of 2016, giving it ample time to free up the mentioned bottlenecks 3D Touch has been rendering to the iPhone 6s, with Kuo pointing out that current inventory is higher than other general components as mentioned on 9to5Mac.

The 3D Touch has become an interesting new feature on the iPhone, something that adds a new layer of control that offers new options with the hard press of the app icon on the device.

To date, only a handful of apps have been found compatible with 3D Touch (via Tech Insider), a consolation of sorts in the event that it is not around for the iPad Air 3. But then again, it could only be a matter of time before app developers figure it out so seeing it present with Apple’s next line of devices would still be a concern.

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update For LG G3 Coming Out Soon? [Release Date, Features & Download]

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NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 29: A general view of atmosphere at FASHION ROCKS With MAGIC! LIVE At Irving Plaza Powered By The New LG G3 at Irving Plaza on August 29, 2014 in New York City. (Photo : Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for LG)

Last month, there were rumors flying that the LG G3 would be getting an Android OS upgrade soon with the eventual release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Phone Arena did mention that the update would start rolling out and the first region likely to receive the OTA update was Poland.

The date when the Android 6.0 M update would be coming was originally believed to be happening between December 16 to 18 and the latest word out from GSM Arena is that the said update has just passed the testing phase.

Seeing that this is an OTA update, there is no telling when Android 6.0 M will indeed become available. But with an open source code already out, it may only be a matter of time before we start seeing users revealing its availability.

It would be wise to note that the international model (LG D855) is the one in focus here and the obvious reason why it was Poland pegged to be getting the update first.

Speaking of the source code, be advised that while there is a downloadable zip file which is around 1 GB in size, this is not the actual file which should be installed on devices. OTA is still the way to go so it would be best to wait until it does prompt you of its availability.

As always, it would be best to do the necessary to ensure that your LG G3 downloads the patch properly.

That includes making sure you have a reliable and stable WiFi connection and making sure that your device is properly charged (by at least 50%).

With the source code made for just the international variant of the LG G3, it is likely that other models may be following though such has yet to be determined. There is a chance that models in the US market could follow suit though the best bet is still in 2016.

The LG G3 made its debut in the market back in 2014. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with it, the LG G3 sports a 5.5-inch IPS display (1440×2560 pixels), runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, 2/3 GB of RAM, 16/32 GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD up to 128 GB), a 13 MP main camera and a 3000 mAh battery.

With the new features that Android 6.0 Marshmallow brings, the LG G3 could see a lot of improvements once Android 6.0 M is available.

Leading the pack of features are the Doze app which accounts for better battery life management, improved permissions for apps and more.

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Xbox Two Confirmed by Microsoft Exec? [Release Date, Specs, Features & Rumors]

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 15: Microsoft Vice President and head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross introduces ‘Halo 5 Guardians’ during the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference at the Galen Center on June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Microsoft press conference is held in conjunction with the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which focuses on gaming systems and interactive entertainment, featuring introductions to new products and technologies. (Photo : (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images))

Xbox One was released in November 2013. Considering tech devices now normally have an annual launch cycles, it appears Microsoft’s latest gaming console is pretty much outdated by contemporary standards.

As such, the clamor for Xbox Two is understandable. However, the Redmond-based company appeared to be reluctant in churning out such a gadget and has not said a word about making the Xbox One’s successor. Until recently, that is.

In an interview with The Verge, when asked whether the Xbox remains an app outlet or a brand, Microsoft’s Xbox Division chief Phil Spencer answered in the negative.

“I fully expect that you’ll see another console from us […],” he told the news outlet. “Our best customers are Xbox console customers, and I want to keep those people engaged both on the Xbox One and anything we might do in the future. I’m 100 percent committed to that.”

“I don’t want to dilute what the Xbox console customer feels,” Spencer added. “I want to expand what we’re able to do for more customers.”

Spencer saying that there will be another gaming console after Xbox One has since been taken as official confirmation that there will be an Xbox Two, which apparently is the name given by fans and pundits to the yet to be released device for now.

“The Xbox Two could hybridize the downloading and streaming of games, just as the system currently allows games to be played while being downloaded,” Tech Times observed. “It might not rely solely on streaming games from those Microsoft Azure cloud servers.”

Meanwhile, Tech Radar speculated that the upcoming Xbox may “end up taking a very different form to the VCR aesthetic of the current Xbox One, it could be even more closely tied to the PC or may even become integral to the rise of Hololens.”

However, it’s possible that the next Xbox may not necessarily be affixed with the the number 2, given Microsoft’s capacity to go out of numerical progression, the site added.

It is not known when Microsoft will release a new gaming console, though.

Forbes‘ John Archer had previously commented that the Xbox One, as well as the PlayStation 4, is already outdated. His main argument for this is the fact that Microsoft’s console is unable to render games at 4K resolution.

“The PS4 and Xbox One are both past their sell by dates,” he declared. “In fact, they’ve been living on borrowed time from the very day they launched. Why? Because neither of them truly support 4K.”

“The main reason I say this is the exceptional speed with which 4K screens are being produced and adopted,” he noted, going on to mention the fact that Amazon has almost 60 4K/UHD TV sets on sale starting at $339. He also added that it’s possible that by 2016, it will be hard to find a big-screen TV that does not have a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

As such, it may appear the next Xbox may accommodate 4K resolution. What do you think?


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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, Specs, Features & Rumors: Phablet Hybrid to Have Flexible Display, Powerful 16-Core Processor?

By Althea Serad ( | First Posted: Dec 17, 2015 05:30 AM EST

A general view of the atmosphere is seen at the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 at Launch Event on August 18, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo : Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Samsung)

The Galaxy Note 6 release date has been widely speculated ever since Samsung released its Galaxy Note 5 in August this year.

The Galaxy Note 6 rumors don’t really come as a surprise since its predecessor received successful reviews after just a few weeks in the market, according to The Gospel Herald.

Naturally, fans expect the Galaxy Note 6 to be better, and they wanted to know when Samsung’s next flagship will be released.

Below is a roundup of various rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 6.

Release Date

According to iGalaxyS7, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could be released by August to September 2016, in keeping with Samsung’s consistent launch months for its Note Series. The website adds that the much-awaited device is highly likely to launch alongside the Galaxy S7 Series at the IFA 2016 event.


According to Tech Times, the Galaxy Note 6 could be a phablet hybrid fitted with pretty powerful specs, most notably with a 3.1 GHz 16-core processor known to boost performance comparable to a laptop’s. Other specifications expected from the smartphone is an Exynos+ Snapdragon Chipset, 8 GB Ram.

Fueling speculations is a patent leaking plans on the handset, according to Patently Mobile.  The report claims that the Galaxy Note 6 will have a “phablet dock” allowing for a small keyboard to be attached. The dock will allow switching from the Android OS to the Windows 10 OS, another big innovation from the South Korean giant if true.


Another Galaxy Note 6 major rumor is of the device’s display, which could become flexible. This rumor reportedly came from previous rumors on the Note 4 suggesting the same feature. Since that didn’t come into fruition, fans are awaiting the said feature on the Note 6.

According to Vine Report, another hyped Galaxy Note 6 display detail is that it will sport either a 6-inch or a 6.2-inch screen with remarkable 4k resolution.


Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 6 camera is rumored to be 30 megapixels which will come with Britecell Camera technology while the front camera is said to have 8 megapixels. The Britecell tech is the same feature anticipated in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

According to Value Walk, the tech, which should improve camera sensitivity especially in low light conditions, was revealed at the 2015 Samsung Electronics Investor Forum.

Other Features

Other rumored Galaxy Note 6 features include a fingerprint scanner, fast wireless charging, Micro SD card support ranging from 32, 64 to 128 GB; compass, blood pressure and heart rate sensors, barometer and thermometer, according to Christian Today.

While all the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs and features sound enticing, these reports should be taken with a grain of salt since Samsung has not released an official statement on the device.

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Sony Xperia Z6 Release Date, Specs, Features & Rumors: Device With First Class Design, 5 Variants Out in June?

By Althea Serad ( | First Posted: Dec 17, 2015 05:30 AM EST

A visitor looks at an Xperia Z5 smartphone at the Sony stand at the 2015 IFA consumer electronics and appliances trade fair on September 4, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Sony Xperia Z6 could be the smartphone that everyone has been waiting for.

According to Digital Spy, the Sony Xperia Z6 could be ditching its traditional “Omnibalance” design and replace it with a new high-end look and feel.

For years now, Sony Xperia designs were hardly amusing, with several critics calling their “Omnibalance” form factors “bland” and “boxy.” The smartphone’s reception worldwide hadn’t been warm, therefore, it’s clear that the company needs a change—at least when it comes to aesthetics.

Now the tide is changing and word around the rumor mill is that the Sony Xperia Z6 will delight with a more curvaceous and metallic frame.

Being much awaited, the Sony Xperia Z6 release date has also been a favorite topic. Word is, via Chinese news source cnBeta who reportedly spoke with an anonymous insider, the flagship mobile will be launched in June, quickly followed by the Sony Xperia Z7 set to arrive in October.

This Sony Xperia Z6 release date speculation could be true as the company’s schedule now is somewhat akin to earlier rumors that Sony plans to release a new flagship every year, meaning no new Sony phones at the CES 2016 or MWC 2016, according to Tech Radar.

While a yearly launch sounds overwhelming, it may be well worth it if recent rumored Sony Xperia Z6 specs and features will also see the light of day.

According to AnTuTu’s Weibo page, Sony wants a wider variety of choices for the Sony Xperia Z6, which reportedly include 5 handsets ranging from 4 to 6.4 inches. The standard Xperia Z6 flagship is said to be at 5.6 inches while a bigger 5.8-inch one will be called the Xperia Z6 Plus. An even bigger handset at 6.4 inches will be called Xperia Z6 Ultra. Smaller ones are rumored to be the Xperia Z6 Compact at 4.6 inches and the Xperia Z6 Mini at 4 inches.

Most of the collection will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, except for the Mini reported to have the Snapdragon 620. The big Xperia Z6 and Xperia Z6 Plus handsets could sport pressure sensitive touch display, which is akin to the Apple iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch seen, according to Know Your Mobile.

This could be true since according to past rumors, Sony wants its Xperia Z6 line to compete with Korean giant Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 7, which are said to run on the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, as noted by Pan Armenian.

Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia Z6 camera is expected to beat all other snappers in the market, since the company has provided the highest resolution at 23 MP with previous flagships.

Currently, everything about the Xperia Z6 is just rumored, but it is expected that company will at least indeed quit its “Omnibalance” design tradition.

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Apple iOS 9.2.1 Beta is Out For Testing! Here's Everything We Know So Far!

By Staff Writer ( | First Posted: Dec 17, 2015 06:31 AM EST

An Apple logo is seen on screen from the stage ahead of a special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 9, 2015 in San Francisco, California (Photo : Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

Apple has launched the first iOS 9.2.1 beta version on Dec. 16, 2015 for developers to test on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The new software version is expected to deliver more performance boosts and hopefully bug fixes after iOS 9.2 was released to the public earlier in December 2015.

9to5Mac revealed that iOS 9.2.1 beta has the build number 13D11, while iOS 9.2 has the build number 13C75. The update is already available for registered developers and they can begin downloading through the Apple Development Center. Apparently, the update can only be acquired and installed through the Development Center, and not over-the-air (OTA). Registered developers may also access the update through the Software Update option in the Settings application of any iOS device. Usually, public beta test versions become available a few days after the initial version release.

MacRumors wrote that the iOS 9.2 is the second major update to the iOS 9. The version provided several feature improvements and bug fixes. Several features applied on Apple devices were enhanced, such as Mail, iBooks, Apple Music and News, among others.

The new version features several adjustments and improvements in terms of performance and also provided various feature support. Included are improved support for Classic Music in Apple Music, support for new and old Lightning to SD Card Reader adapters, Arabic Siri and 3D Touch support in iBooks. A .1 update is considered minor, so it is expected to delve more on boosting performance and adding more bug fixes that were found since iOS 9.2. Apple generally saves major changes and new features for bigger version updates.

A support document was also recently published by Apple to address certain issues with Mobile Device Management on iOS 9.2. When users install an app on version 9.2, some may not complete the installation process. The company is currently working to fix the bug and it is likely that iOS 9.2.1 will provide a solution. There may also be security updates for the mobile OS.

Public beta testers and developers are invited to try the new version and provide feedback accordingly. Apple previously cautioned developers that products that are updated to iOS 9.2.1 may not be restored to earlier versions. This means that if they experience bugs and problems during the testing process, they will have to wait until an official public version is released by the company to have a smoother experience.

More updates and details on iOS 9.2.1 beta are expected soon.

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