10 Things that a 30-Year-Old Will Understand: Single or Married, Saving or Expending, Travel and Casinos?

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In your 30’s? If yes, this is for you! Sometimes, learning life’s lessons may take years or even decades for one to finally grasp these bittersweet realities. In here, we share 10 things that only 30-somethings would understand and could relate to.

Reality bites, it actually took us almost three decades to realize the following:

I Don't Care Anymore

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You don’t owe anyone an explanation. It is during these times in your life when you seem not to care about what other people will say towards you and your actions. It’s like as long as you know you’re not doing anything wrong and not hurting anyone, it’s all damn fine!

Yes or No

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It’s plain and simple. You say what you want and do what make you happy. The reward is oh so priceless.

Tourists Flock To Ibiza For Their Summer Holidays

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IBIZA, SPAIN: People walk past the Ibiza Rocks Bar in San Antonio in Ibiza, Spain. The small island of Ibiza lies within the Balearics islands, off the coast of Spain. It has, for many years, had a reputation as a party destination.

You make it a habit to save money only to indulge in the most delicious food, the greatest of shopping sprees in renown malls and the most exciting trips abroad and experience the finest and top hotel & casinos in Spain. If you consider casinos in Spain and gamble, you may consider knowing its gambling regulations.

Salary + Expenditure = Happiness

Living within your means has been a challenge over the years but it also has its rewards. Once the time comes to expend your savings it’s time to give yourself the luxury of life you worked so hard for until now.

Successful You

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You’ve realized to accept what you have and feel grateful about it. You find joy and fulfillment even in life’s little gifts.

Be yourself.

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You basically know what you want and so your likes, interests, hobbies, and priorities.

Choose healthy food

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You strive for greatness. You work your way to live a healthier lifestyle since you know you’re not getting any younger, do you? Always choose to be healthy.

Singles rock!

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Status: Single but happy. No pressures. You never have to feel alone. You’re always blessed because you have more time for yourself and to your loved onessss!

Love and Marriage

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You’re on cloud nine. It’s gonna be ‘us’. Enjoy the bliss of lifetime commitment and one true love.

family concept

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This can be one great source of happiness and contentment as you make your mini me’s. Your bundle of joy is such a wonderful blessing.

Vector illustration with hand-drawn inscription.

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As the cliché goes, live today as if it were your last. Enjoy and live life to the fullest.

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Must-Have Dietary Supplements for Diabetics

By Myraine Carluen Policarpio ( | First Posted: Apr 17, 2016 12:19 AM EDT

According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report in June 2014, 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes. And with these figures, it has become prevalent to both children and adults. One great way to go against diabetes is to keep an eye to one’s health, lifestyle, and eating habits.

Likewise, these supplements can surely be of a great help in achieving your goal: lowering blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Support Supplement Solution


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Providing superb blend of herbs and nutrients, this is formulated to help the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels that are in the normal range. Blood Sugar Support Supplement Solution is packed with key herbs like Cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, L-Taurine, and Cayenne as well as relative amounts of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Juniper Berry (powder) and Bitter Melon.

Pure White Mulberry Leaf Extract Premium

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Enriched with dietary fiber, antioxidants, and proteins, Premium White Mulberry Supplement controls and stabilizes blood sugar and glucose levels naturally as it helps increase your energy and support your weight loss programs. A compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) that is found in mulberry leaves is thought to inhibit sugar digestion, not being absorbed into the bloodstream and instead excreting such as a waste product.


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From the world leader in herbs and health supplements, another breakthrough on herbal combination supplements has come your way. Tested for consistency, quality and potency, PBS has 100 caps that aid in enhancing digestive functions and insulin sensitivity, promoting healthy liver, and balancing blood sugar levels.

Melabic: Advanced Blood Sugar Support Supplement

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Blended with all natural Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Fenugreek, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Banaba, Chromium and Cinnamon, Melabic Natural Sugar Stabilizer provides blood sugar support, effective body weight management, and heightened metabolism. Its key herbs and nutrients slow down digestion and absorption of sugar and carbohydrates.

Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement, 1.09 0z, 3 Count

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On the other hand, diabetics also need to watch out if they have overdone minimized sugar intakes. Taking control of low blood sugar may really be a challenge. This Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement does the trick when emergency strikes. Convenient and ready to use and swallow, it has twice the strength of other gel products with a pleasant cherry taste.


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Pure Yacon Root Powder has compounds that function as prebiotics in the body, improving digestive health as well as influencing the development of microflora in the digestive tract and gastrointestinal fermentation. Yacon Roots have metabolism boosting properties that help burn calories, making you lose wieght and get rid of rebounds.

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100% pure and natural BioTech Muscadine Grape Seed has 90 capsules that aids in providing longevity or anti-aging potential, boosting the immune system and endurance, as well as promoting better cardiovascular function, good sleep, and maximum antioxidant protection.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules

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Zhou Ceylon Cinnamon is a powerful anti-oxidant that supports healthy blood glucose levels, promotes a healthier heart, supports your weight loss goals by discouraging insulin spikes, and promotes relief from inflammation and joint pains.


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This Bitter Melon Vcaps premium extract helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat, and manage the neural response to sweet taste stimuli.

Stevia Drops

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With this sweet drops, diabetics can add flavor in y our food and beverage without calories and carbs. With its great taste and good value, Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops is known to be the award-winning, best-tasting zero-calorie, zero-carb, non-glycemic response, and all natural sweetener available in the U.S. market today.

See, together we can fight diabetes. Fellas, please keep an active, a healthy, and a happy lifestyle. Know that many are with you in this medical condition. After all, a better support system can really do wonders in one’s battle against diabetes.

Stay fit and healthy!

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Where to Buy El Chapo Shirts

By Desiree Salas ( | First Posted: Jan 15, 2016 09:01 AM EST

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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s capture made headlines all over the world – and so did his interview with Sean Penn for Rolling Stone.

In the video clip that came with the clandestine rendezvous, the drug lord could be seen wearing a blue shirt, which has since taken a life of its own and became a viral phenomenon.

Apparently, some viewers found the clothing an interesting must-have, leading the shirt’s maker Barbaras to deal with a sudden surge in the “El Chapo” shirt’s sales.


Within days, the Los Angeles-based apparel supplier ran out of the viral clothing, The Huffington Post said. Not to be outdone, other companies took it upon themselves to sell replicas of that shirt with “neo-tribal floral with irregular blue and gray stripe and a psychedelic paisley explosion.”

If you’re hankering for an El Chapo shirt, you’ll find the Collection by Gaia a suitable option.

The company sells a shirt that looks like that worn by the drug kingpin in the interview clip, albeit at just $75. Barabas sold theirs at $128.

“Regular Fit Button Down Men’s Shirt is definitely one to wear on a night on the town,” the description for the shirt said on the site. “This shirt shows off an amazing Paisley print design filled with bright and vibrant colors that pop right off the shirt.”

“The Paisley print design itself is truly abstract and eye-catching,” it added. “And finally, the inner cuffs are a solid green color to add contrast to the design.”

Further, someone tried to sell the blue top with the stripes on the front for $250 on eBay. However, the offer had already ended as of this writing.

Further, Imperio Wear is selling a replica of the paisley shirt for just $50.

If you’re wondering why so many people would want to have the same shirt as El Chapo, wholesale buyer Juventino Romero could probably tell you the reason.

“To put on a shirt that he wore probably makes them feel good, and a lot of people see him for the good and a lot of people for the bad,” Romero explained to CNN.

Perhaps some of these people are preparing for Halloween this early, with El Chapo costumes reportedly a hit in Mexico last year.

According to Barabas Premium Apparel, stock of the sold-out item will be replenished by Valentine’s Day. Those seeking this clothing will have to wait till then, unless if they’re willing to shell out hundreds of bucks for those sold on eBay.


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El Chapo a Romantic Romeo? Drug Lord Reportedly Sends Romantic Sexts

By Desiree Salas ( | First Posted: Jan 15, 2016 08:27 AM EST

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – DECEMBER 31: (Image has been converted using digital filters.) Music producer David Guetta performs on NYE at Media City Amphitheatre on December 31, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo : Cedric Ribeiro/Getty Images)

El Chapo is El Romantico too?

Previously, it was reported that drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was more eager to meet Mexican actress Kate del Castillo than Hollywood star Sean Penn. Now, we get more information on the reason behind that, other than the fact that Castillo starred in a TV series that had her playing pretty much a female El Chapo. And also the obvious fact that the actress looks easy on the eyes.

“The transcripts published Wednesday by the newspaper Milenio – and confirmed as authentic by a federal official – showed that Guzman was less interested in making a movie about his life than he was in flirting with the actress,” Mashable said.


Apparently, the drug kingpin was so into her he let her talk him into allowing Penn to interview him.

One of the officials said that Guzman may have “had an obsessive interest in her,” even calling her “hermosa,” which is Spanish for “beautiful.”

The official also revealed that the drug lord sent many texts to the actress, with many of them expressing “admiration and a longing for the next meeting, more than concern about the purported movie project.”

“I’ll tell you, I am more excited about you than the (movie) script,” one Guzman text read. ”I’ll take care of you,” another said.

“I will take care of you more than I do my own eyes,” another line from one of his texts said, as noted by Slate.

Indeed, even while running from the law, Guzman was not against letting his inner Romeo out.

Further along their communication, Guzman had said “I love you” to the actress, which she did not reciprocate immediately. Rather, Del Castillo opted to focus on her excitement about meeting him in person.

“Good afternoon, how’s the best woman in the world, the smartest one, whom I admire greatly?” another El Chapo text went, to which the actress replied by calling him “my beautiful friend.”

“Thank you, my friend, for your well wishes. Your friend loves you. Bye,” El Chapo replied.

Del Castillo countered this with, “I love my friend, bye.”

There were other text exchanges later on that talked about Guzman wanting the actress to meet his mom, and also her favorite food. However, Del Castillo later warned the drug lord that she was being surveilled, resulting in the end of their text communications in early November last year. The texting began around late September in 2015.

Officials said that Guzman’s obsession with the actress led to his capture. His desire to see her, coupled with the increased pressure by the military on his territory, had made him ditch his mountain hideout and settle in a safe house in Los Mochis, which was already put under surveillance even before the former fugitive arrived.

Sounds like a Samson and Delilah scenario. It could probably be said that a woman ultimately led to his downfall. What do you think?


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Alan Rickman Dead: 9 Other Movies He’s in Aside From ‘Harry Potter’

By Desiree Salas ( | First Posted: Jan 15, 2016 08:00 AM EST

1997 Alan Rickman In The Movie ‘Rasputin’ (Photo : Getty Images)

Brilliant British actor Alan Rickman is not just the guy who played Professor Severus Snape in the hit “Harry Potter” movie franchise. He’s also the guy who played many other roles in other movies, such as the following.

Love Actually”

If you’re into romance and romantic comedies, you’ve probably seen this film. But did you notice the 69-year-old actor among the cast? He played the erring husband to Emma Thompson’s character. At one point, he shares screen time with “Mr. Bean’s” Rowan Atkinson, who played a shop clerk who took too long a time to wrap Rickman’s gift for his mistress, leading to the discovery of his unfaithfulness.


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”

You’ll probably be surprised at the actor’s look in this film, where he played the villain – the Sheriff of Nottingham – in all his disheveled-hair glory.

“As it stands, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves is a brilliantly entertaining, overlong muddle, and a show that Rickman doesn’t just steal, he practically invents the word ‘pwned’ as he goes along,” Den of Geek noted.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

There’s a pattern in Rickman’s acting career, and that’s getting shady, villain-y roles. This movie is no different – he plays the judge who ruined the lead character’s life, as played by Johnny Depp.

Sense and Sensibility”

As Colonel Brandon, Rickman gets to play a part that’s not usually associated with him – a warm, upbeat character who sought to be loved by the woman he fell in love with at first sight and eventually earned her love. This is one of those movies where the actor’s character figures in a legitimately happy ending.

Galaxy Quest”

This is a rather funny spoof of sci-fi films, with Rickman playing his character in “Star Trek”-ish makeup – an odd departure from his usual roles.

Alice in Wonderland”

Surprised? Don’t be. Rickman didn’t really appear in the film but lent his voice to Absolem, the Caterpillar, which had features that faintly resembled the actor himself.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”

This movie stars the guy who played the uber techie Q in the recent Bond films, Ben Whishaw, as well as Dustin Hoffman. Rickman’s role here is that of a wealthy man whose beautiful daughter fell victim to the murderous perfumer played by Whishaw.

Die Hard”

The 1988 film was officially Rickman’s first film. He played the villainous Hans Gruber, a German terrorist.

“Truly, Madly, Deeply”

This is one of those rare films where Rickman played the male protagonist. The plot of this story is reminiscent of “Ghost,” sans the pottery wheel, that is. This is one of his must-see performances, with some arguing it’s his best work.

Which one have you seen? Which one is your favorite Alan Rickman film?


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