K3OPS Gifting The World A Clean, Renewable Source Of Energy This Holiday Season!

Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN, Xin WEI – K3OPS

Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes the time for giving gifts to friends and family. K3OPS team – Jun YUAN, Xin WEI and Alexandre Despallieres have started the tradition of doing something for our environment this holiday season by launching their eco-friendly products.

What better gift can K3OPS give to the world than a clean, renewable source of energy?

Normally, we celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to family members and friends. It’s really good, but do you know that nearly 40% of all the battery sales take place during the holiday season. The batteries are then discarded after their use and pose a big threat to our environment.

K3OPS team has found a solution to this problem that can lessen the burden on our environment by the next holiday season. On January 13, 2016, K3OPS will officially launch their first revolutionary device – Stick’N Charge. 

Battery free devices were once thought to be a science fiction, but now they have become a reality due to this start-up company. This amazing new device converts the ambient electromagnetic radiation in our environment to an energy that can charge or operate any electronic device like Tablets, smart phones or smart watches.

It is the ultimate source of clean, renewable energy that will finally be available to the general public next month. We can hope that by next year’s holiday season their magical device will find a way into people’s heart due to its benefits to them and to our Mother Nature.

The incredible products developed by these brilliant men is the perfect gift for all the environment loving Tech Savvy people searching for renewable energy products and home automation solutions. This holiday season you can now give your friends and family a present that keep on giving.

This holiday season, Alexandre, Xin and Jun are gifting the world a revolutionary technology that can help all of us to be thankful to our environment. We should also pledge this Christmas that we’ll always take extra care of our environment and will make the Earth a clean and green planet.

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