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Is Bill Cosby a Rapist or Prostitution Solicitor?

bill cosby allegationBill Cosby has been the subject of many debates in regards to the word “Rape”  and has become synonymous with the notion of date rape drugs.  Or 50 women have come forward and said that Bill Cosby raped or did something inappropriate to them over the past 40 years.

Let’s really look at what is actually going on here.  Each one had a different relationship with Mr. Cosby whether it’s Beverly Johnson the supermodel who is washed up at this point, Janice Dickinson who  has been well documented to have had financial problems over the past 36 months or so.

Looking at all the evidence that has been presented to us it is quite clear that a lot of these females are just jumping on the bandwagon I am looking for a payday as a matter of fact the news media has barely reported anything when it comes to the false allegations against Mr. Bill Cosby .  There is so many women that have recanted the store because the fact were not truthful, accurate, or believable.

Will bill Cosby be found guilty? Only the justice system will be able to determine that, but as it stands now, he has already been tried in the media which is very  unfortunate and a mockery system in America.   But these of the innocent have a long left.  The Cosby has not before his due process which five states constitution.  Is the media fair? Anyone who reports only half of the story is being inhumane and is not up for Bill Cosby under the United States Constitution.

If in fact Mr. Cosby do you have each one of these females one would believe that at some point this was a relationship and not a situation of Rape



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Is Lamar Odom a dead man walking?

IMG_4454.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Khloe Kardashian attending Maxim's 10...
English: Khloe Kardashian attending Maxim’s 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration, Santa Monica, CA on May 13, 2009 – photo by Glenn Francis of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lamar Odom  has had his ups and downs with drug addiction and various problems domestically throughout his life as it’s been well documented.   Has this latest fiasco taken a toll on his quality-of-life is the more important question?  But more importantly, who is to gain from all of us financially at the end of the day? 


 If Lamar Odom dies  Who would be his beneficiary by default and that would be Chloe Kardashian. Why?  Because by default they are still legally married and you can set aside all the rumors about her dating this guy or that guy, or him being caught up with several strippers, the bottom line is that they are legally still married until the courts deem it a final ruling through the California courts


 His physical  problems may cause him to be a vegetable or could cause him to the 24 hour assistance and the question then becomes will medical bills bankrupt him ultimately or will his careless lifestyle be the actual bullet that kills him?



 Everyone knows that Chloe Kardashian has dated superstars like rapper French Montana, as of late she was linked to James Harden of the Houston Rockets, but technically she is still legally married and his wife and stands to gain millions of dollars  if he were to pass, as of now she is still in position to make all of the medical decisions for him while they’re still married unless there is documentation to state otherwise that we may not know about. 







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Five Killed In A Columbian Plane Crash


Five people were killed and seven injured when a small plane crashed into a residential area in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota on Sunday.

The aircraft, a Beechcraft 60 twin-engine plane, which took off from El Dorado airport, was headed to the town of Guaymaral, about 12 miles from Bogota.

The small twin-engined private plane went down in the Engativa neighborhood just three minutes after taking off from El Dorado airport in the Colombian capital.

There were chaotic scenes on the ground moments after the horrific crash, with children heard screaming as locals pulled wounded people out of burning buildings.

The pilot and three passengers died when the plane came down in the Engativa neighbourhood.

The plane crashed into a bakery, setting it alight. One person inside was killed and seven others injured.

The Colombian Conservative Party said the plane was due to pick up former president Andres Pastrana, former defence minister Marta Lucia Ramirez and ex-peace commissioner Camilo Gomez.

They were going to be taken to a campaign rally for Nancy Patricia Gutierrez, who is running for governor of Cundinamarca province in Sunday’s local elections.

Pastrana has called for a thorough investigation into what led to the crash of a small plane that was scheduled to transport him to a campaign rally.

Officials said the reasons for the accident were still unknown. The latest incident marks the third crash of a small plane in the Colombian capital in as many months. In August, three people were killed when an aircraft crashed in the Cajica area in north Bogota. In October, another three people died after a plane crashed onto a highway.


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Key Brazilian Speaker Accused of Illegally Hiding $16 Million


Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of the lower house of Congress in Brazil, has been accused of keeping millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts.

Cunha, who is a key figure in the push to impeach Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff, hid nearly $16 million in illegal funds, prosecutors said Friday in a new twist to the political battle gripping Latin America’s biggest country.

Eduardo Cunha has been at the center of attention as he prepares to rule on whether petitions to impeach President Dilma Rousseff should go ahead.

One of the most powerful members of the PMDB (the Party for the Democratic Movement of Brazil), part of the government coalition and hostile to Dilma Rousseff, Mr Cunha has been under investigation for months for allegedly having benefitted from the Petrobras corruption scheme.

Prosecutors say firms bribed Petrobras executives to secure contracts and that some of this money was passed on to politicians in various parties.

Authorities are investigating him for allegedly laundering money and receiving millions of dollars in kickbacks in exchange for helping a lobbyist secure an oil-exploration contract in the African nation of Benin.

Swiss authorities turned over documents to Brazilian police alleging that Mr. Cunha funneled bribe money through four undeclared Swiss bank accounts.

Brazilian media reported some of the money was used by Mr. Cunha’s wife, Cláudia Cruz, a former TV anchor, to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit-card bills and finance instruction at a prestigious tennis academy in Florida.

Cunha faces the threat of being stripped of his speaker’s post and with that the powers to launch impeachment proceedings. His possible ouster throws into doubt a long-running drive to force Rousseff from office.

As speaker of the lower house of the Brazilian congress, Eduardo Cunha has the power to reject or push forward the numerous requests by opposition parties to open a judicial process against President Rousseff.


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President Launches Process For New Constitution In Chile


President Michelle Bachelet announced Tuesday the start of a process that could lead to a new constitution for Chile which may cause the country’s over three-decade-old Constitution, written under the rule of former dictator General Augusto Pinochet, to be scrapped gradually.

In a televised speech to the nation on Tuesday evening, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced her plan to begin the constitutional reform process, as promised in her electoral campaign, which would consist of a “civic education” phase that would run until March 2016, followed by “a process of dialogue in which everyone may be allowed take part.”

The Constitution “originated in dictatorship, it doesn’t respond to the needs of our time nor does it favour democracy,” the Socialist leader said.

Chile’s Constitution dates from the 1973-1990 military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. The current Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile was approved by Chilean voters on September 11, 1980 under the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Although significant tweaks have been made since the return to democracy, Bachelet and others have argued that it needs to be redesigned from the ground up.

“We are starting the process that will allow us to have a new Constitution … because the current Constitution had its origins in dictatorship and does not reflect the needs of our times,” said the president, who began her second non-consecutive term in March 2014. Bachelet currently lacks parliamentary support amid a very low popularity of around 22 percent, the lowest of her two administrations.

The final parts of the approval process will fall to the next government and Congress, who will be elected in 2017, which will not be led by Bachelet as current Chilean rules bar leaders from serving consecutive terms.

The Congress elected in 2017 will decide whether it will be up to lawmakers to write the new Constitution, or whether and to what degree other Chileans will be involved. The final draft will be put to a referendum, said Bachelet.

The decision will not be easy as three-fifths of the votes are needed in Congress in order to pick an option.

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Selena Gomez Undergoing Chemotherapy For Lupus


Pop star Selena Gomez has revealed the reason behind a recent career break: she was undergoing treatment for the autoimmune disease lupus.

The 23-year-old performer, who grew up in the spotlight thanks to her early success as a Disney Channel star, was forced to cancel several legs of her world tour promoting her debut solo album Stars Dance in 2013 and 2014.

She later sought treatment at the Dawn at the Meadows rehab facility, with her representatives denying she was dealing with substance abuse.

Gomez is featured on the cover of Billboard magazine’s Oct. 17 edition. In the feature sneak peek, released Wednesday (Oct. 7), she revealed that while gossip blogs would have you believe she was struggling with addiction and who-knows-what else outside of the limelight, she was really undergoing lifesaving chemotherapy treatment.

“I was diagnosed with lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke,” Gomez told Billboard magazine in a new issue out Thursday.

“I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m in chemotherapy. You’re a**holes.’ I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again.”

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal tissue.

This process can lead to destruction of the kidney, heart, brain, spine, and lung tissue. It can affect almost any system in the body but its exact cause is unknown.

Symptoms can include fever, a “butterfly” shaped rash on the face, hair loss, fatigue and painful joints.

The disease is currently treated by drugs, and by chemotherapy designed to suppress the action of the immune system.

Gomez has been in the tabloids a lot over the past few years – whether it is due to her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber, her on-again, off-again friendship with Taylor Swift and childhood bestie Demi Lovato, or to defend her weight.

Her revelation comes as she prepares to drop her new album, Revival, which is to be released on Friday.

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Pope Francis To Visit Mexico in 2016


Pope Francis will travel to Mexico in 2016, a Vatican spokesman has confirmed, without specifying the trip’s dates.

Federico Lombardi confirmed a Mexican Televisa television report that the Argentinian pontiff will visit the country, where he will pray at the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of the most visited Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world.

Pope Francis had expressed a desire about visiting Mexico, home to the world’s second-largest Catholic population. After visiting the Philippines last year, the pope said he wanted to walk from Mexico into the United States “as a sign of brotherhood and of help to the immigrants,” along with visiting the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the world’s most-visited Marian shrine.

He said in September that he had planned to enter the United States at a border crossing, going from Ciudad Juarez to El Paso, Texas, but opted to instead visit Cuba after the communist country and the United States ended their estrangement, with Vatican assistance.

While the agenda is still unknown, speculation immediately rose about which places Francis will visit.

Mexican news media reported the pontiff was scheduled to spend five days in Mexico to visit Mexico City and Juárez, as well as other communities in the Mexican states of Mexico and Michoacán.

Migration, in the form of Central Americans traveling through Mexico and and falling victim to criminals and corrupt public officials,is one of many potential issues on the agenda for Pope Francis in Mexico.

A visit in early 2016 would come as the country continues confronting vices like corruption, which has implicated the president, and insecurity in states such as Michoacan and Guerrero, the latter being where 43 students were kidnapped and presumably killed by police acting in cahoots with criminals in September 2014.

The pontiff touched on issues of immigrations frequently during his trip to the United States in September. When he spoke to Americans from outside of the White House on Sept. 23, the pope said, “As the son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families.”

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Messi’s Brother Faces Charges For Illegal Firearms Possession



The brother of Barcelona forward Lionel Messi faces charges for the illegal possession of a firearm after a clash with police in Argentina.

Matias Messi, 33, was reportedly involved in a skirmish with police after being stopped as a part of a routine traffic check in the early hours of Sunday morning in his hometown of Rosario.

Upon searching the vehicle, police found Messi’s brother to be in possession of a pistol for which he did not have the proper permission to carry.

Mr Messi is alleged to have engaged in a brief scuffle with police – sustaining a cut above his eyebrow – before being taken into police custody.

This is the second time Matias Messi has been found to be illegally possession a firearm, after he was arrested in 2008.

The 33-year-old allegedly survived an assassination attempt on his life when a gunman on a motorcycle shot at his house in Rosario.

Lionel Messi is himself currently embroiled in a legal battle in Spain where he faces allegations – along with his father Jorge – of tax evasion to the tune of €4m.

Messi is reportedly facing an investigation after the public prosecution office in Madrid “discovered indications of fraud” from charity friendly matches.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, a charity that bears Messi’s name generated income from two matches in 2012 and 2013, with both fixtures alleged to be part-organised by one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels. The matches in question took place in Lima, Peru, and Chicago.



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Dozens Killed in Guatemala Landslide


The number of people killed when a hillside collapsed on houses in the village of El Cambray, 15km (nine miles) outside the capital city of Guatemala, has risen to 73.

The authorities said another 350 people were still believed to be missing under tonnes of rock and earth that slipped onto homes on Thursday night.

Distraught relatives of the victims shoveled alongside diggers through the mounds of earth that destroyed homes after Thursday night’s collapse of a hillside.

The hill that towers over Cambray partly collapsed onto a 200-foot (60-meter) stretch of the hamlet just before midnight, burying an estimated 125 homes.

More than a thousand rescue workers are working at the disaster site deploying earth movers and sniffer dogs.

Rescue efforts are being hampered by the instability of the terrain and the prospect of more heavy rain.

The local municipal authorities had previously warned against the building of houses in Cambray because of the risks from high rainfall and unstable hillsides.

But the village has continued to grow over the last few years with houses constructed of concrete blocks, wood and zinc sheeting.

Mountainous Guatemala is one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters in the world because of its heavy rainfall and hurricanes and intense poverty which forces people to live in unsuitable areas.

The tragedy has hit Guatemala after weeks of political turmoil, just as it prepares to elect a new president.

Last month, outgoing President Otto Perez was forced to stand down and was arrested on corruption charges.

In October 2005, heavy rainfall triggered a devastating landslide in Panabaj in the southwest of the Central American country, burying the village. Hundreds of people are believed to have died, and many of the bodies were never recovered.


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WhatsApp “Mayor Showoff” Surrenders In Brazil


Lidiana Leite, the fugitive 25-year-old mayor of the Brazilian town of Bom Jardim, has turned herself in to police after more than a month on the run.

She became infamous for posting pictures of herself in glamorous locations while running the town remotely through WhatsApp.

Leite was the mayor of the town of Bom Jardim, which is about 275 kilometers (170 miles) southwest of Sao Luis, the capital of the tropical Maranhao state, which borders the Atlantic Ocean.

Brazilian media nicknamed her “Mayor Showoff” after she frequently posted pictures of herself drinking champagne and travelling in luxury cars.

Prosecutors allege that she financed her lifestyle through her involvement in a scheme which siphoned money off funds intended for school meals.

Investigators say they have evidence that some $4m (£2.6m) in funds for Bom Jardim’s schools went missing.

Police responsible for the town of Bom Jardim in the far northeastern state of Maranhao confirmed that Lidiane Leite had turned herself in.

Leite shot to local fame after her boyfriend, farmer Beto Rocha, ran for mayor in 2012, but stepped aside amid corruption allegations.

Leite took over and won in 2013, then quickly became known more for showing off her high-rolling lifestyle than for helping the town of approximately 40,000 in the impoverished region.

Rocha, now her ex-boyfriend, was arrested as part of the current investigation into Leite. He’s been indicted and is in jail.


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