Nav Is Selling "Free Lil Uzi Vert" Merch


Last week, Nav released his new album Bad Habits, effectively coming out of retirement and making a big splash. He initially quit music to support his friend Lil Uzi Vert, who has reportedly been held back by his label for months. Although Drama has said that Uzi has his blessing to release Eternal Atake whenever he wants, it appears as though he and Don Cannon are at the root of the issue. Rumblings of a deal between Uzi and Roc Nation are shaking up the industry right now, perhaps pointing at the imminent release of his long-awaited album. Despite things looking positive right now for Uzi, Nav is still screaming for his friend to get back to the game. To encourage the Philly rapper, Nav has just released a line of merch dedicated to his brother.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Introducing a limited range of hoodies and t-shirts, Nav printed a few “Free Uzi” products to get as many people on the bandwagon as possible. The merch makes sense when you read into it: the word “Free” is seen scrawled across an Uzi submachine gun. The items will only be available for the next day so if you’re thinking of copping one, do it quickly. 

Do you think we’ll finally get to hear Eternal Atake after all of this teasing? 

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Anonymuz & Denzel Curry Wreak Havoc On "No Threat"


With his new album There Is No Threat setting the South Floridian landscape ablaze, Anonymuz has cemented himself as one of the most exciting young voices in the game. While the project is lined with bangers, the closing track “No Threat” serves to achieve title (at least somewhat) in a menacing way. Taking to to a morose, organ-driven instrumental, “No Threat” channels the Phantom Of The Opera, who lands a reference in the opening verse. “I been moving through the city like a phantom in an opera of dark caramel,” spits Anon. “Cleopatra moanin’, holy matrimony.”

While Denzel Curry has been relatively quiet this year, the rapper returns with a vengeance for this one. Closing out the track with a bevy of impressive flows, Curry shines in his closing stanza, switching it up with a proficiency honed by a collection of fire tapes. “I’m remindin’ you of what I don’t take kindly to,” he raps, almost nursery-rhyme-esque. “For any simple-minded fool who blinded tryna’ tote the tool.” Check this one out, and be sure to show some love to Anonymuz below.

Quotable Lyrics

Don’t debate it
I get too faded, cause I ain’t waitin’ for hope
Scopes, under bright lights
Sadness cuts deep into my life
With that fuck shit I’ma end your timeline
On a frontpage news is a highlight let’ s reverse
I’m remindin’ you of what I don’t take kindly to
For any simple-minded fool who blinded tryna’ tote the tool
You touch us then we gotta touch all
Families, friends, girlfriends and all
If you up you best not stall cause we won’t be here when you fall

– Denzel Curry

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Nike Air Max 720 "Pure Platinum" Release Information


Since unveiling the Nike Air Max 720, sneakerheads have been obsessed with its clean, futuristic design. Making this shoe so unique is its air max unit which wraps all the way around the sneaker. The design allows for an optimal amount of comfort while the upper’s tooling creates a unique look that is sure to turn heads as you walk by. As is usually the case with new sneakers, these have been getting a ton of new colorways which have been slowly making their way to the market over the last few weeks. One of the latest colorways is actually coming this weekend and will feature a familiar name.

When it comes to Nike, just like the triple-white and triple-black colorways, it seems as though “Pure Platinum” is a staple for any new shoe. Well, if you love “Pure Platinum” shoes you are in luck as the colorway is coming to the Nike Air Max 720. With a translucent air max unit, the upper is made up of white and silver mesh that looks destined to be a hit for the Spring and Summer months.

Image via Sneaker News

If you’re looking to cop, these will be released on Saturday, March 30th for $180 USD at Nike Sportswear retailers, according to Sneaker News.

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Lupita Nyong'o & "Us" Cast Spit Bars As A Family


Jordan Peele’s second film Us is absolutely dominating the box-office, pulling in a weekend haul of $70 million dollars (and a Jay-Z co-sign to boot). In celebration of the film’s premiere, star Lupita N’yongo took to Instagram to showcase an impressive case of familial unity, which may or may not have been a Peele-sanctioned rehearsal process. Together with fellow co-stars Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex, Lupita once again picks up the mic as her hip-hop alter ego “Troublemaker,” carrying a tradition once kicked off during the Black Panther promotional rollout.

Kicking it off is the family’s youngest spitter Evan Alex, who portrays the mask-donning Jason. Next up is Wright-Joseph, who plays the family’s track-running daughter Zora. She proceeds to pass the mic to Troublemaker/Lupita, who also plays double duty as the ad-lib provider, while Duke slides through with some closing bars. The track, which features lyrics by Robyn Hood and music by Chris Herbie Holland, appears to have been shot en route to the New York City premiere, as evidenced by their attire. What do you think? Do the Us cast have bars?

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Eminem's Daughter Hailie Mathers Shows Off Sculpted Abs In Yellow Bikini


Every once in a while, Eminem’s daughter Hailie steals the spotlight from her father. While she (probably) doesn’t have the same lyrical ability as her father, Hailie loves to show off in other ways. She’s clearly been hitting the gym often because she just posted a photo from Hawaii and she looks like an absolute stunner. 

At the beginning of the year, we posted a gallery of Hailie’s best shots on Instagram. If she had posted this at that time, it certainly would have made the list. Em’s daughter made sure that all eyes her on her when she posted a photo of herself in a bright yellow bikini, lounging on the balcony. The first shot is innocent enough but once she turns around in the second picture, you can see all the visual proof of Hailie going hard on the crunches. Raising one arm to fix her hair, Hailie’s abs are the true superstars. Specifically, all six of them are. Hailie has a crazy six-pack and she’s not afraid to show it off for the camera.

Over the weekend, she told her followers that she was going on a much-needed vacation. It looks like she’s enjoying her time in the sun, giving everybody a show at the same time.

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Kanye West's Appearance On Joe Rogan's Podcast Reportedly Canceled


For months, fans of Joe Rogan’s podcast have been hoping for more news about Kanye West’s upcoming appearance on the show. The interview had been confirmed by both sides, with the host periodically offering updates while speaking with his other guests. There have been no signs that point towards an imminent appearance on the show but Kanye generally works pretty unconventionally. If he decides one morning that he wants to rant to Joe Rogan, he’ll book a trip down to the studio the same day. According to one Reddit user though, it looks like the whole thing may have been canceled, with Rogan apparently saying as much during a recent show in Austin.

Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty Images

Reddit user y3ppie wrote that Joe Rogan stayed fifteen minutes after his show in Austin to answer fan questions. Obviously, he was asked when Kanye would be popping up for a chat. Unfortunately, it seems as though the two might not be linking up after all. The Redditor explained that Joe asked everybody to put their phones down before saying that he believes that Kanye coming on the show might not be the best idea for West. The host reportedly implied that Kanye doesn’t need the platform, realizing this after Ye told him about his plans to release a dictionary using “only positive words.” 

While he doesn’t necessarily say that the sit-down has been canceled, it’s looking like that’s the case. It may have made sense for Kanye to appear on the show a few months ago but at this point, it would be somewhat of an odd choice.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Gets Insane Fan Love In Atlanta Traffic


The Rock was once dubbed “The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment,” during his triumphant reign as the WWF/E’s chief administrator of “roody-poo candy-ass” taunts and People’s Elbows. Since moving on from the world of professional wrestling, The Rock has starred and produced over thirty films, many of which found him holding it down as a leading man. There were even brief rumblings of a presidential campaign, though Rock’s political aspirations never gained any real momentum. Still, it’s safe to say that Dwayne Johnson is one of the game’s most beloved superstars, likely to find fan love in all corners of the world.

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Such was indeed the case during a recent encounter, which transpired during the bane of any Atlanta resident’s existence: Traffic. Upon being locked bumper to bumper, The Rock was spotted by a bus full of Lovett School attendees, fiendish for some attention. Ever the People’s Champ, Rock rolls down the window, to be greeted by a chorus of excited males. 

Laughing, Rock inquires about their destination, imploring them to kick ass at their subsequent baseball game. “I keep my windows super tinted on my pick up truck, but with the sun at just the right angle,” writes Rock. “Hope you boys kept your word and kicked ass. Keep workin’ hard and driver, keep your damn eyes on the road.”

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Nikki Bella Announces WWE Retirement: "I Just Feel Like I'm Too Old"


Nikki Bella was one of the most popular female wrestlers in the history of the WWE, winning two Divas Championships throughout her prolific 12-year career. For those who are fans of the wrestler, it’s a sad day indeed as she announced on her reality show, Total Bellas, that she is retiring from the WWE at 35 years old. In the clip, which can be found below, she makes it clear that her body just can’t handle the punishment anymore and that it’s time to move on. She realized it was time to make the decision after a recent trip to Europe.

“[The tour] was good but I just feel like I’m too old for that travel. The travel was really really rough,” Bella explained. “So, I realized, I was like, why am I doing this? I don’t feel good.”

Bella also talked about some of the other women on the tour and how they’ve helped grow the sport. She feels as though they’re doing such a good job that it makes her feel better about calling it quits.

“I really am ready to hang up the jersey, like I can say it fully,” Bella explained. “Here’s to closing one chapter and the next one opening.”

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Cardi B Channels Her Veteran Ways In G'd Up Rant: "I'm A B*tch From The Streets"


Cardi B enjoyed a rather eventful Sunday, even by his standards. It all began on Saturday evening when Cardi lost her wig weeding through the comment sections of her various social accounts. Something, she didn’t insinuate what hit her in a pressure-ridden spot, because by dinner time Cardi B was already on Instagram Live silencing the lambs.

She talked about the shady things she did in her previous life, labeling herself “a B*tch that came from the Streets,” yet saving herself the trouble of listing the so-called crimes. The Reddit thread looming over this topic bisected every morsel of “tough talk” into a single criminal dossier they say includes robbing and dealing in narcotics. What do you make of that?

The very next day, Cardi switched her attention to Twitter, encircling a smart point by one of her fans who insisted, “Cardi B making it of LHH, but now she big big y’all stay on her heels for literally nothing.”

Cardi B’s entire Instagram rant could have been condensed into that one sentence. Evidently, that’s not why she’s paid the big bucks though; the double standard rings true on so many levels, hers the loudest.

By day’s end (now-ish), Cardi B seemed to be pretty content with her two-day efforts. Not only did she manage to get her point across, but she found a couple of like-minded individuals as she went along with her ranting.


She managed to expose a double standard concerning issues of class and race, by using herself as the specimen. But most of all, Cardi B was able to let off some much-needed steam, all without dumbing down the process with a universal translator. Oh yeah, and she’s quitting Twitter for a couple of days, no big deal.

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Kodak Black Challenges Michael Rapaport To "Suck A Baby D*ck"


Michael Rapaport will often insert himself, or show up to the party uninvited, unannounced. Whatever the situation calls for, you can bet on Rapaport bringing his own material to the Meadowlands. He’s a classic Noo Yawk loudmouth with roots in the culture, so it doesn’t take much to get him riled up, especially if you touch on one of his sacred altars.

Last I heard, Rapaport was mad at Kodak Black for asserting himself over Tupac and Biggie on the all-time list. In response to those claims, Rapaport told Kodak Black to,  “get the fuck outta here with that crazy shit,” while insisting that his delusion was akin to a rec leaguer comparing himself to an NBA player.

Inevitably word got around to Kodak Black, who then decided that last night’s concert at The Warfield in San Fransisco was the appropriate time and place to file his retort. “I love my crackas, now,” he started ranting unexpectedly between song. “But y’all tell this dumb ass cracka stop playing with me, man. For real, stay out of Black folk business for one. Then tell him go listen to my album. Then after he go listen to my album tell him suck a baby dick.”

Then in one swift motion, Kodak Black resumed his set, turning his attention to “Roll In Peace,” ironically the next song on his setlist. He’s yet to renege on his unpopular opinion, and that’s how it should remain for the immediate future, now that Kodak has deactivated his Instagram account, limiting him to a game of messenger tag with the fans attending his concerts.


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