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Is Bill Cosby a Rapist or Prostitution Solicitor?

bill cosby allegationBill Cosby has been the subject of many debates in regards to the word “Rape”  and has become synonymous with the notion of date rape drugs.  Or 50 women have come forward and said that Bill Cosby raped or did something inappropriate to them over the past 40 years.

Let’s really look at what is actually going on here.  Each one had a different relationship with Mr. Cosby whether it’s Beverly Johnson the supermodel who is washed up at this point, Janice Dickinson who  has been well documented to have had financial problems over the past 36 months or so.

Looking at all the evidence that has been presented to us it is quite clear that a lot of these females are just jumping on the bandwagon I am looking for a payday as a matter of fact the news media has barely reported anything when it comes to the false allegations against Mr. Bill Cosby .  There is so many women that have recanted the store because the fact were not truthful, accurate, or believable.

Will bill Cosby be found guilty? Only the justice system will be able to determine that, but as it stands now, he has already been tried in the media which is very  unfortunate and a mockery system in America.   But these of the innocent have a long left.  The Cosby has not before his due process which five states constitution.  Is the media fair? Anyone who reports only half of the story is being inhumane and is not up for Bill Cosby under the United States Constitution.

If in fact Mr. Cosby do you have each one of these females one would believe that at some point this was a relationship and not a situation of Rape



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