How China Aerospace will turn struggling Honghua’s fortune around


For smaller and floundering Honghua Group, its strategy to return to profit was simple: secure the backing of a state-owned giant.
Now that it is integrated into the folds of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC) – one of the nation’s two main state-owned aerospace and defence equipment makers, Honghua, China’s largest onshore oil rigs exporter, says it is confident its fortunes will be turned.
For starters, the previously privately-held company would be able to…

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The robots are coming: here are some jobs that won’t exist in 10 years


Automation has already caused job losses in a number of industries, and computer scientists reckon there’s a lot more to come.
The World Economic Forum estimated last year that there would be more than 5.1 million jobs lost to machines between 2015 and 2020, assuming artificial intelligence (AI) development continues at its current rate.
If you have friends going through medical schools graduating with a degree in radiology, I think they have a perfectly fine five-year career as a…

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For once, we’re right to reject the city’s surfeit of public works of dubious purpose


A construction alliance has threatened to surround the Legislative Council’s complex in Admiralty with trucks if lawmakers keep using filibustering tactics to delay infrastructure projects – SCMP, June 9
My colleague Alex Lo wrote about this one earlier and was generally sympathetic to the complaint, largely on the part of construction workers. I find myself taking the opposite view.
It is primarily a matter of straight fact. While the Hong Kong Construction Alliance says it needs…

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