Campus shooting injures 1 in St. Louis


In addition, Washington University mentions that Clayton Police are working alongside the university’s campus police in an investigation regarding the active shooting incident.

The school’s Danforth location, its main campus, is located on 169 acres just west of St. Louis. Students also quickly received alerts from the university instructing them to shelter in place.

The shooting unfolded Wednesday afternoon on the school’s Danforth campus, near its Mallinckrodt Center.

The station’s helicopter footage showed police inspecting a silver auto with what appeared to be bullet holes in the hood. “Continue to shelter in place”, the school tweeted.

Sophomore Alessandra Silva said she was in the middle of campus when she heard several shots ring out.

“Everybody was freaking out”, said freshman Jordan Isikow, who ran inside a psychology building after hearing the shots. “We looked up like, ‘Is it thunder?”

“GO TO a place that you feel safe and remain there until further notice”, the university added. “I was pretty scared”, she said.

Washington University, which enrolls around 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students, has a police department that employs 52 officers, including 28 deputized police. But the campus isn’t immune from the gun violence that is more prevalent in other parts of the community. Last month, the university issued an alert following reports of a gunfire near the North Campus.


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