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A vacation for the brain is a much needed break and a benefit to our productivity. While organizations are striving to find and manage the best talent, they need to focus more on the aspect of mental and physical wellbeing. If you come home after a long day of work, with still more to check off your list, you’re not alone. According to a Steelcase global study, one area of concern for Indian employees is the ability to move around the workplace easily throughout the day.This is a strong message to employers that working conditions really do matter.

Organizations are increasingly demanding higher levels of creativity from their workers. But how can you expect creative behaviors from a stressed state of mind. Here are some ways that we suggest you can minimize stress and pave the way for more meaningful work:

Sense of Belonging

Does your organization create a customized experience for you?Allow individuals and teams to express their personalities by empowering them to select environments that best suit their preferred working styles. Encouraging people to display personal items in workstations and on their computers helps create a personal connection to the workplace. This all about recognizing that a different approach works for different workstyles and every employee has a unique motivator. People are increasingly looking for bespoke experiences at work. So if you’re asking yourself if humanizing the workspace can boost productivity, the answer is yes.

Encounter with Nature

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and we spendmost of our time inside. Yet nature and the outdoors have a powerful hold on our wellbeing. An exposure to natural light and nature in general, will give employees the feeling that they have a space where they can settle, explore, adapt and be creative. These benefits lead to stronger connection and collaboration as well as trust in the ability to rejuvenate at work.Biophilic design can help you thrive and feel rejuvenated.Nature has the ability to help us refocus, reset and lessen stress. So, take a meeting outside or instead of sitting in a small conference room or consider taking a few laps around the parking lot while you talk.

Room for conversation

It takes time to build a culture of open, effective communication and providing a space for relationships to grow is a great start.Finding time to socialize will surely help you balance your day. While diverse employees work and brainstorm together, there need to be resources that support this collaboration. Organizations should initiate engagement initiatives through sessions or platforms that bring employees together and encourage conversations and other activities outside of work.  Informal, relaxed lounge like settings or aWorkCafe are effective ways to strengthen the dynamic and build a collective sense of teamwork.

Attaining wellbeing at work is about creating healthy physical, cognitive and emotional states over time. Bringing life to work life does not necessarily require a literal break from work. It is about feeling good at work that will eventually drive performance.

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