Biggaton spreading reggae music in China

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Reggae singer Biggaton said he is on a musical journey to spread the genre around the four corners of the Earth.

In an interview with THE STAR, the entertainer said he is currently working on his upcoming album called ‘Reggae Ping Ying’.

“It will be a mixture of songs recorded in Chinese and our native patois. It will comprise 10 tracks and I do hope that it helps to spread the genre in that country,” he said.

Biggaton, who is fresh from a three-month tour of China, said he has used the opportunity to review the reggae market in the Asian country.

“The locals in China are not that familiar with reggae however they are very appreciative of it. It doesn’t matter if you are a known artiste or not, the Chinese people are not biased as you are given the same treatment,” he said.

Biggaton also said he believes reggae should be promoted more in China, despite the language barrier.

While touring the country, Biggaton made stops in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Dalian.

Biggaton said he first visited China in 2016 after his trip to Japan was cancelled.

“I was really determined to go to Asia so I made the connection on social media and the trip to China came to reality just a month later. I am really happy about the experience and reception and with the continued support, the reggae market can only grow there,” he said.

Biggaton said he will remain busy in 2018 as he returns to China, along with other stops in sections of Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and the United States.

Biggaton, given name Kevin Roye, hails from Mandeville, Manchester. He released his debut album Eyes of Di Wise in 2005.

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