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Bernie Sanders catching up to Hillary in California

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Speaking about Mrs. Clinton, a former NY senator, she easily managed to win Manhattan on Tuesday night, with 66 percent of the votes, while her rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, scored just 34 percent.

Cruz spoke to reporters for about 20 minutes and did his best to downplay Trump’s massive win in Tuesday’s NY primary.

Ted Cruz talks to reporters at a Republican National Committee meeting in Hollywood today. “I will beat Hillary!”

The Trump campaign did not immediately return a request for comment about Haugland’s assertions.

“We are headed to a contested convention. You officially become nominee when you have 1,237 votes on the floor of the convention”.

“I don’t think the Republicans want to pick somebody who has no appeal to independents and no appeal to conservative Democrats“.

The crowd at the Quillen Arena at the Delaware State Fairgrounds went wild for Donald Trump Friday, ready to hear the businessman from NY speak about jobs, the economy and the military. According to CNN, Cruz, who faced a crushing defeat in NY, appears convinced that the Republican field would have to deal with a contested convention in July. “We are fighting for delegates, and what they’re doing is take a look”.

The Center for Public Integrity, based on data it received from a media tracking company, said Sanders, the Brooklyn native, spent $9 per vote, and Clinton spent about $3.62 a vote.

“She runs a risk”.

“We will get most of the delegates and we will, in just another week, close the door on other candidates getting to 1,237 before the convention”, the memo said. Haugland told CNBC he expects the delegates won in victor take all states to be most likely challenged.

The Club for Growth Action ad aims at persuading those who don’t want Trump as the nominee to vote for Cruz instead of Kasich. He sent campaign advisers to the party meeting in Florida that began yesterday. “She’s always been a crooked person”, Trump told Fox News. He said she’s not qualified to be the president.

“We could walk away with 91 of 95 delegates in NY”. Ohio Governor John Kasich, 63, a long-shot candidate, sought to use his second-place showing in NY as proof he is emerging as Trump’s central challenger.

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