Bernie Sanders attempt to flip superdelegates greeted with doubt

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Sanders may actually win some of those states by 65-70 percent”, DeBar predicted.

A day after the next round of primary elections in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Trump is scheduled to give a speech on foreign policy at the National Press Club on Wednesday, April 27.

The former secretary of state now has 1,930 delegates, 502 of whom are superdelegates, while New York-born Sanders has 1,189 with only 38 superdelegates. In all five, we won a landslide.

Roughly at the same time, Trump’s newly hired political director, Rick Wiley, was hosting a series of private meetings at the Florida resort with party officials from states set to vote in the coming weeks.

For perspective, that’s bigger than where Obama finished over Clinton – 238.5 ahead – with pledged and superdelegates combined.

Democratic candidates must reach 2,383 delegates to secure the party’s nomination before the election.

Clinton is moving quickly to cast herself as the all-but-certain nominee.

“So I am supposed to wait a half an hour because there are thousands of people outside trying to get in”. But Nordlinger said he doesn’t expect Sanders to do much fundraising for Clinton if she’s the nominee.

“Donald agreed with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in attacking the state of North Carolina for passing their bathroom ordinance”, Cruz said. Tad Devine, Sanders’ top strategist, disavowed the movement last week, and Mike Casca, Sanders’ director of rapid response, has urged his online faithful to cut it out and reached out to Clinton’s campaign to apologize.

So far, none has switched to Sanders and there’s little indication many would defect. “Sanders, but I think you know it’s certainly gotten brambled”, said Neil Sroka with the progressive group Democracy for America, which supports Sanders.

“If she runs the board on Tuesday, it would be very tough for Bernie to make the argument that he’s going to stay in and continue to fight”, Lynch told Boston Herald Radio yesterday.

Asked about the looming specter of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who finished second in NY and is likely to finish second in many states that vote next Tuesday, Cruz said Kasich has “no path” and might be “auditioning to be Trump’s vice president”. To vote in Pennsylvania’s, go here to determine your local voting site. And she’s taking positions she might not be able to walk back. That’s close to impossible to do, because delegates are allocated proportionally on the Democratic side. “He needs more than 100 per cent of the remaining delegates”. And it’s gone on a long time. Fifty-six percent of people surveyed had a negative view of her, an all-time high, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this week.

Elleithee said the way Sanders and his surrogates handle the next month-and-a-half will determine his campaign’s legacy. And she-she’s going to have to stick with that stuff in the general election.


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