Ben Affleck’s stand-alone ‘Batman’ film confirmed by Warner Bros


Ben Affleck’s Batman goes head-to-head with Henry Cavill’s Superman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

After announcing the studio will be releasing “at least 10” DC Comics movies in the next five years, Tsujihara said a Batman standalone picture is underway.

Affleck seems like the guy everyone loves to hate but there’s no doubt that he is talented. Ben Affleck himself might’ve briefly mentioned a Batman movie was in he early stages of development, but that’s all he could or would say.

“We’re working with Ben Affleck on a standalone Batman movie”, Tsujihara said. But we never really got confirmation from anybody in authority at DC or Warner Bros.

‘Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirms for the first time Ben Affleck-directed “Batman” movie is on the slate, will come out in next 5 years, ‘ tweets film journalist Ben Fritz, of the Wall Street Journal.

Affleck, who has a cameo in the upcoming “Suicide Squad”, is set to appear in at least part one and two of “Justice League”, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Warner Bros’ chief has confirmed the studio is moving ahead with Ben Affleck’s stand-alone Batman movie, which the actor will star in and direct. Previously, the actor had signed a contract for two films, Justice League: Part One and Part Two.

The Argo filmmaker hinted at his desire to helm a superhero flick last month (Mar16), telling The Los Angeles Times he was left inspired after watching how Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder worked throughout the production.

Suicide Squad” director David Ayer and stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie were on hand as well to hype the supervillains gone straight pic, which launches on August 5 with intense footage focusing heavily on Robbie’s Harley Quinn. His movie “The Town” proved how great he is when it comes to directing even films with compelling action scenes.

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