A week on, no unanimity in doctors’ retirement age row

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A week on, no unanimity in doctors’ retirement age row LUCKNOW: A week since the faculty infighting at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) and King George’s Medical University (KGMU) divided seniors and juniors at the two top medical institutions on the issue of raising superannuation age of doctors to 70 years, both sides are yet to arrive at a consensus.

The senior faculty members are firmly backing the option of superannuation age being raised from 65 years to 70 years for medical professionals, the young resent the idea and want the bar pegged at 65 years only.

Earlier, there were signs of some agreement over rotational headship but now both sides are imposing conditions on it too.

“If you ask a patient whom he prefers among a junior and a senior doctor, he will always opt for the senior and more experienced hand. So enhancing superannuation age is a proposal, that we all stand by and believe is important for public health,” said head of geriatric mental health department at KGMU, Prof SC Tiwari.

He also added, “As for rotational headship, the government can decide on that, but allow current department heads to stay on for some time period, which could be a few months to a year or so.”

SGPGIMS faculty forum, secretary, Prof MS Ansari, put up a strong counter however on the issue and said, “There is no way we are going to back down on our demand for no extension in superannuation age. Only if there is a genuine case and there is a departmental need, can re-employment on contractual basis be made a provision. But this should not come at a stretch of five years, nor with perks, administrative posts, house, but only on a fixed salary.”

Prof Ansari also added, “If these conditions are to be considered, then it is very important for the government to enumerate them specifically. Or else, it would be a breach of our trust, because as per SGPGIMS Act, the senior-most faculty member in a department becomes its head by default. We think that there should be rotational headship at SGPGIMS even till 65 years.”

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