A clear picture with NY wins


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both won their respective party primaries in ny on Tuesday.

Trump, the Manhattan billionaire, focused his NY efforts on massive rallies around the state, particularly across upstate. What is meaningful, however, is whom primary voters will select to send to Cleveland as the 54 uncommitted delegates.

While Biden has not endorsed either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nominee, he has not been shy about talking about the state of the race and the two candidates.

Trump, whose campaign has appalled the Republican establishment, won 60.5 percent of the vote to 14.5 for his evangelical rival Ted Cruz and 25.1 for Ohio Governor John Kasich, with most of the votes counted, CNN said.

The delegates up for grabs on April 26 vary between the parties.

“The prospect of a contested convention just adds to the intrigue of the whole process”, said Matthew Levendusky, another associate political science professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “It’s really nice”, Trump said.

Cruz and Kasich are now hoping for an open convention where Trump is not chosen on the first ballot and delegates are free to vote for them in the second round.

“The people in state after state have made it clear, they cry out for a new path”, Cruz said.

Cruz is using the argument to highlight that the GOP front-runner Trump – who beat the Texan in NY on Tuesday by roughly 45 percentage points – has consistently trailed Clinton in general election polling.

She says there’s no way Cruz will win as the Republicans don’t like him anymore than they like Trump.

Today, you proved once again there’s no place like home”, Clinton said before a cheering crowd at the Sheraton New York near Times Square.

On the Democratic map, the neighborhoods that voted for Clinton are in blue while those that voted for Sanders are in green. The Trump and Cruz campaigns have released a list of supportive delegates and are preparing campaigns to get them elected. “But that doesn’t mean she’s good”.

Mr. Trump is the only candidate left who can clearly win an outright majority on the first ballot at July’s nominating convention.

The former secretary of state leads Mr Sanders by four points in Indiana. “He alienates independent people, the things he says, he’s insulted just about every demographic in the United State”, said Jason Critchlow, Chairman of the St. Joseph County Democratic Party.

“In 2008, you knew it was different – the ground was moving underneath you”, he said.


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