112-year-old heart patient undergoes high-risk surgery at SMS Hospital

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112-year-old heart patient undergoes high-risk surgery at SMS HospitalJAIPUR: When this 112-year-old woman, who has suffered heart attacks twice earlier, was brought to Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital with a fractured femur on April 28, it turned out to be a huge challenge for doctors to conduct the surgery to fix the bone. 112-year-old Ramoli Devi, who was admitted to the hospital last Friday, was rushed here from Karauli district’s Nangalpada village after she broke her femur following a fall.

For doctors, operating on any patient over 100 years old is fraught with risks. In this case, the woman had already suffered two heart attacks and implanted stents.

“We don’t conduct surgeries on such patients as there could be complications arising from bedsores, lung infection, etc. If we conduct a surgery, there are risks associated with it. The bones are fragile. Also, giving her anaesthesia, was a challenging part of the surgery,” said Dr D S Meena, senior professor orthopaedics and superintendent, SMS Hospital. But the doctors conducted the surgery successfully on Tuesday. “Anaesthetists did not give us much time to conduct the surgery for fixing the broken bone as there was a higher risk of bleeding. Also, since she was 112-year-old, there were higher chances of paralysis, heart attack and a stroke during surgery,” said Dr Rajkumar Harshwal, assistant professor (orthopaedics), who was part of the surgery team.

He said that since the surgery was complicated, they took two days to prepare the patient for surgery.

The anaesthetist had a major role to play in the surgery. “The heart attacks twice made the surgery more complicated. I have not given anaesthesia to such an elderly woman earlier. It was a unique case for me. She also has hypertension. Her lungs were also not working to the normal capacity. In such a case, we have to keep monitoring oxygen saturation in the lungs, which was low in her case and we have to ensure proper fluid management so that the fluid might not accumulate in her lungs,” said Dr Sriphal Meena, senior professor (anaesthesia), SMS Hospital.

The patient is now undergoing post-surgery treatment at the hospital. She will be discharged from the hospital in five days, officials said.

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