Short-circuit from electric scooter suspected to be cause of fire at Hong Kong public housing flat


A short-circuit from an electric scooter was suspected to have caused a fire at a Hong Kong public housing flat on Friday, killing a seven-year-old boy.Firefighters rushed to Oriole House at Sha Kok Estate in Sha Tin to rescue the boy, his father, 48, and a woman, 41, who was their neighbour, after police received reports at around 11.30pm.About 100 residents were evacuated.Officers found the boy, surnamed Wong, in an unconscious state and sent him to Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, where…

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Re: Iran FM: US offer to help Iran in dealing with coronavirus 'ridiculous'

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Something very fishy with this report !!!!! Did the US release COVID-19 via one of their proxies in the Middle East …. the interest shown by the bucket of excrement POMPOO needs further investigation. How would he know that the virus impact is under reported …… unless he had DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of what occurred. But, then the world will never know as he and his enablers are habitual LIARS!!!!!

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